API Manager
Parameter Type Description Value Required
token String Token to authenticate with the API See API Manager
host String Target IP/Subnet Range or URL, or https://example.com/
port Integer Destination port, 0 for randomized ports 80, 443, 30120
method String Method to be used on the test See Methods
geolocation String Origin of the HTTP traffic See Locations
request_method String Request method to be used on the test GET or POST
requests Integer Amount of requests per proxy 64, 128, 256, 512
post_data String Post data of the requests See Examples
headers String Custom headers of the requests See Examples
payload String Attack payload (hexadecimal) See Examples
origin String Origin of the Spoofed traffic See Locations
concurrents Integer Amount of concurrents to be sent per reequest A number of 1 to 10
Available Methods
Method Protocol Description Subnet